About Me

A technology, photography and social media enthusiast with deeply felt spiritual views on life.

Alastair attended Birkenhead Boy School on the Wirral, achieving A Levels in Maths, Further Maths and Physics, going on to do a Masters Degree in Information Systems Engineering at Imperial College London. To help support himself during this period some of his first jobs have included factory work in Flintshire, office work in the Liverpool NHS Library Service and part time computer technical support at Cityscape Digital Ltd.

Later he moved to China to be with a girl he fell in love with online. Having lived there for two years teaching English at Dalian University of Foreign Languages in the north-east province of Liaoning, they got engaged and he moved home to get a job and sponsor her visa application to enter the UK. 6 months past, heart break happened and they broke up.

Subsequently Alastair spent over a year progressing up the ranks within Digitel Europe Ltd becoming Technical Services Manager in early 2011, leaving to pursue self employment as a technical advisor, which hasn’t really worked for him, and is now looking for employment in computer related roles.

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